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Study English Course In Canada – Top 5 Destinations International Students

Choosing the right place to take an English course in Canada is not easy. Weighing the pros and cons of cities can be difficult – be it the beautiful city of Montreal or Toronto, most cities in Canada have a lot to offer. Here are the top five destinations for an English course in Canada:


The old city of Montreal is one of the most attractive neighbourhoods in Canada. But it’s far from a quaint town as it is full of things to see and do – whether in the many museums and galleries, or outside, in beautiful parks such as Mount Royal Park, Parc Maisonneuve and the charming Parc Lafontaine.

Study English Course In Canada – Top 5 Destinations International Students


What has Toronto recommended as a place to live and study? Better to rewrite this in what Toronto doesn’t have? From department stores in and around Kensington Market and reasonable restaurants on Bloor Street to the lush Toronto Islands, Toronto is simply a place with so much to do.

Outdoor enthusiasts, for their part (as it is almost the case in Canada!), Will be delighted by the prospect of exploring the trails of Gatineau Park or, during the winter months, skating on the Rideau Canal. Overall, it’s hard to disagree that it’s a pretty attractive proposition.

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There are no two ways: Vancouver is one of the most connected cities in Canada. It’s a cultural activity centre that just has a special buzz about it. But that’s not all that Vancouver represents, what makes it so special is the way it seems to blend in perfectly with the natural surroundings, with Stanley Park, Grouse Mountain and the beaches of Pacific Spirit Park. the city gate.


Whistler is an undeniably pleasant place and certainly a place for the student who does not want to live and study in a big city. Vancouver is only a few hours away for a cultural or entertainment occasion, but for the rest of the time, being a real privilege to be surrounded by the serene natural beauty of the mountains.


Canada’s capital, Ottawa, is often (rather mysteriously) overlooked by travellers and students. But for those who go there, history and culture enthusiasts have always been fascinated by Canada’s House of Commons on Parliament Hill; there is a lot of shopping (including in the village of Westboro), while Ottawa’s nightlife is excellent.

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